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Entel is renowned globally, across numerous sectors, for the provision of business critical communications. Entel handsets are designed for use in a multitude of applications including; Oil and Gas, where the demand is for Intrinsically Safe and ATEX approved units, to Government and Defence, where the emphasis is on robust design, submersible and security.

  • Petrochem, Energy & Gas

    Entel delivers high-performance solutions for some of the world’s leading players in the oil and gas industry, ensuring safety and efficiency with ATEX and Intrinsically Safe options.

  • Marine

    Working with marine services, from shipping companies to port authorities, to provide commercial grade, submersible handsets and accessories.

  • Emergency Services

    Entel handsets are built to deliver outstanding performance in some of the most demanding environments with a reliability and instantaneous communication that can be depended upon in emergency situations.

  • Leisure & Retail

    Entel handsets play a large part in helping maintain operations on a daily basis allowing smooth communication and seamless cross-team coordination.

  • Manufacturing & Logistics

    Often operating in noisy, busy, dirty environments, businesses in this sector require reliable, rugged, commercial grade handsets which perform to give high quality crystal clear audio.

  • Defence & Security

    This sector in particular requires reliable and flexible communications to carry out day-to-day tasks with the confidence that their communication equipment will never let them down.