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Professional middleware solution interconnecting E-PoC and PMR networks.

Providing the middleware solution to help businesses overcome the challenges of integration by interconnecting a PMR system with E-PoC networks. The Gateway application is based on middleware technology that securely connects the enterprise. Easy-to-use and easy-to-scale.

Part of E-PoC’s Command and Control Centre Solution, our Gateway is designed to integrate E-PoC with a PMR radio network over voice (group and individual calls) and message communication. 

  • Group and individual calling
  • Group and individual messaging
  • GPS tracking
  • Multiple network support
  • Interface to PMR
  • Frequency band agnostic

Entel’s Gateway will extend the flexibility of your network. You can connect two different PMR systems (e.g. DMR and analogue). Equally, E-PoC can connect users who are actually working outside of your coverage and that way increase your range. Users connected by E-PoC can choose their own device - DN400, smartphone, tablets or desktops - across the operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows.

Entel's Gateway is a universal solution connecting PMR networks with each other over an API interface. Plus, E-PoC enables PMR networks to be expanded. 

The Gateway allows users to maintain vendor independence. 

There is no limitation to expand an existing PMR solution. With Entel’s Gateway you are able to connect another PMR or E-PoC network to an existing one. Add multiple resources to expand your system - anytime, anywhere.

Cost Effective
Entel's Gateway provides a cost-efficient extension to any PMR system. You can continue using existing radios whilst expanding with new technologies.

E-PoC Gateway

Professional middleware solution interconnecting E-PoC and PMR networks.

Group calls
Voice communication in group. One of the main features supported by any E-PoC Gateway configuration.

Individual calls*
Individual voice communication. One-to-one simplex call.

Individual / group messages*
The feature allows to send/receive messages. E-PoC Gateway handles all the routine to route messages between PMR and E-PoC networks: to send/receive the messages between PMR networks as well as to send/receive messages from E-PoC to PMR and vice versa.

GPS tracking*
This feature provides an opportunity to obtain GPS coordinates from PMR terminals and E-PoC clients. The GPS data can be displayed on the E-PoC Desktop Client Map or routed to specified interfaces.

Intelligent hub
The PMR networks can be interconnected to each other via the E-PoC Gateway application even from different corners of the world.

Interface to PMR
E-PoC Gateway is connected to PMR radio infrastructure via defined interfaces (e.g. API, PEI, XCMP or any other). The features and functions of E-PoC Gateway are defined in the scope of the related PMR interface and its possible functionality.

Different frequency bands
E-PoC Gateway is not limited by frequency band. It fully depends on radio network infrastructure.

E-PoC Gateway can have several configurations, depending on requirements:

  • Digital - E-PoC. Interconnection between E-PoC and digital network
  • Digital - Digital. Interconnection between two or more digital networks
  • Digital - E-PoC - Digital. Interconnection between two or more digital networks and an E-PoC network

On request:

  • Analog - E-PoC
  • Analog - Analog
  • Analog - Digital
  • Analog - E-PoC - Digital

*for some PMR systems this option is currently under development. Please contact your Entel Dealer to check availability.


Operating System Windows 7 32/64, Windows 8 32/64, Windows 10 32/64
CPU Minimum 2GHz
Random Access Memory (RAM) 8Gb
Hard drive memory 500Gb
Display Standard color display
Network card Standard network card
Audio interface For external speakers and microphone
USB interface For optional microphones
Software Java runtime environment SE 8 (32 bit) or higher

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